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Strawberry Blonde

Rich and flavorful medium bodied beer with a fresh, floral strawberry aroma. Citrus, spice, and fruit are blended seamlessly for a subtle yet distinct flavor that never turns too sweet.

Blackberry Blonde

A deep golden colored Belgian-style spiced ale brewed with a unique blend of rich malts, sweet orange peel, spicy hops, and zesty coriander, then we added 30lbs of blackberry’s! The result is a medium bodied sparkling ale bursting with flavor.

  • Body:
  • ABV: 6%
  • IBU: 7
  • OG: 1.058
Bollywood Blonde

Gorgeous copper-orange ale with a rich, enticing aroma of oranges and lemongrass. Crisp and refreshing on the palate. A perfect blend of malt, spice, and sweet and zesty hints of citrus.