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Rat Fest Beers on Tap at the Microbrewery!


Couldn’t make it to RAT FEST this year? Starting Wednesday, February 12 at 6pm, we are tapping what’s left over of one brew group each week until supplies last. Any beer available after 9pm will be available for growler fill.

Wednesday, 2/12 – Ann Arbor Brewers Guild

Hoppelbock Dopplebock | IBU: 51 | ABV: 8.5% Triple hopped using German Tettnang hops for a big, malty, slightly sweet and very hoppy brew.

King Kiwi Double IPA | IBU: 120 | ABV: 9.1% A double IPA brewed with a boatload of Sylva and Galaxy hops and kiwi.

Devil’s Tongue Habanero Imperial Stout | IBU: 70 | ABV: 9.2% A stout with massive malty complexity that is backed up, but never overpowered by a spiciness from multiple habanero pepper additions.

Wednesday, 2/19 – Brighton Brew Club

Sourlicious Double IPA (Challenge Beer) Sour Double IPA | IBU: 44 | ABV: 8% Brewed with Cascade hops, acidulated malt and a custom blend of sour cultures that lend a hint of acidity and fruity esters.

McShroom Brown Ale Brown Ale | IBU: 24 | ABV: 5.4% This earthy brown ale is brewed with a blend of mushrooms from Detroit Mushroom Company and ABCM’s own Brian McShane.

Wild Monk Belgian | IBU: 27 | ABV: 7.5% This Belgian is brewed with Mexican raw sugar and wild rice with a hazy gold hue and a touch of Belgian yeast character.

Rye Guy Rye IPA | IBU: 90 | ABV: 5% Brewed with Cascade, Columbus and Amarillo hops for a buscuity, malty backbone.

Wednesday, 2/26 – Craft Beer in Michigan

Choco-latte Wheat Ale | IBU: 28 | ABV: 6.9% This ale utilizes dark-roasted wheat malt to achieve a soft roasty character as well as a touch of chocolate liquor and dark chocolate from Shakolad.

Tornado and The Rye (Challenge Beer) Sour Rye | IBU: 50 | ABV: 5.6% American-style pale ale brewed with 50% rye malt, which lends the beer a spicy, bready quality. Hopped with Cascade and Citrus hops for a citrus, fruity character.

North of 12 Bourbon Stout Bourbon Stout | IBU: 30 | ABV: 12% An imperial stout brewed with cocoa nibs and coffee and aged on bourbon soaked oak chips.

Chinese New Year Porter Porter | IBU: 30 | ABV: 5.7% This porter mixes roasty malts with spicy complexity derived from a Chinese 5 spice blend. Look for notes of cinnamon and fennel.

Udder Madness Not For Leonard Milk Stout Milk Stout | IBU: 20 | ABV: 5.6% Brewed with milk-derived sugar, lactose this stout has flavors of semi-sweet chocolate and roasted malts.

Wednesday, 3/5 – Detroit Draft Divas

Cheetah Juice Sweet Stout | IBU: 10 | ABV: 6.3% It’s a Bananas Foster in a glass! A sweet stout brewed with all the flavors of the classic New Orleans dessert, including more than 10 pounds of bananas.

Tripel Hot Kiss Belgian Tripel | IBU: 2 | ABV: 10.1% This beer is brewed with Belgian candi sugar, orange blossom honey, pineapple, mandarin oranges, a habanero pepper infusion and schzehuan peppercorn.

Redemption Brown Ale Brown | IBU: 30 | ABV: 5% A distinctly American twist on this classic brew, this beer is medium-bodied with a dark malt character and tons of Amarillo hops.

Pomengranate Berlinerweiss (Challenge Beer) Berlinerweiss | IBU: 3 | ABV: 2.9% A traditionally-brewed Berlinerweiss with added pomegranate. Dry, tart and fruity with a low ABV for maximum enjoyment.

Wednesday, 3/12 – Motor City Mashers

Lemongrass Belgian Pale Ale Belgian | IBU: 24 | ABV: 5.8% Sorachi Ace and Tettnang hops blend with lemongrass for a Belgian-style pale ale with a vibrant citrus palate and undertones of spicy yeast and bready malts.

Rat Pad Wild Wheat Ale | IBU: 43 | ABV: 6.8% A wheat ale fermented with Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces yeasts lending to subtle notes of funk and fruit.

Saison Du Rat (Challenge Beer) Saison | IBU: 34 | ABV: 6.5% This dry, peppery Saison showcases mild tartness from being aged on a blend of Lalvin Belgian Ale and Roselare yeasts.

Wednesday, 3/19 – Sons of Liberty

Madiba Rooibos Blonde Ale Blonde | IBU: 20 | ABV: 4.9% In honor of the late Nelson Mandela, this mildly fruity blonde is brewed with rooibos tea.

Sour Cherry Stout (Challenge Beer) Stout | IBU: 5 | ABV: 7% Utilizing sour cultures from five different sour cultures, this beer has strong notes of black cherry, sweet tarts and roasty malts.

Hawaiian Red Hibiscus Gose Sour | IBU: 20 | ABV: 5.6% This German-style sour ale is brewed with hibiscus, which lends the beer its pinkish hue. Look for a bit of lactic sourness and salt in the finish.

Wednesday, 3/26 – Guild Brewers Ann Arbor

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bacon Baltic Porter | IBU: 32 | ABV: 8.2% Brewed with multiple varieties of smoked malts that lend prominent smokiness and a deep malt complexity.

Hoppy Doppy IPA Belgian Lager | IBU: 67 | ABV: 5.5% A Belgian-style lager brewed on Indian, regular and smoked cardomom and Indian black pepper for floral, spicy flavors throughout.

To-Wit-Too-W00t! Witbier | IBU: 25 | ABV: 5.5% Brewed with cranberries with Belgian yeast, spicy and slightly sweet-tart cranberry notes.

Son of AABGBBBW (Challenge Beer) Specialty Beer | IBU: 68 | ABV: 7.2% Based on the AABG’s ongoing bourbon barrel project, this Barleywine is aged on wood chips and sour cultures from their barrel.

Wednesday, 4/2 – Ugly Mug

Two Dad’s Sumatran Saison Saison | IBU: 50 | ABV: 10% This slightly peppery Saison is brewed with honey, blueberries Sumatra Volkapi Lintong coffee.

Dirty Cider Dubbel (Challenge Beer) Belgian Dubbel | IBU: 50 | ABV: 7.8% A Belgian-style dubbel brewed with honey, Belgian candi syrup, sour apple chips soaked in apple cider and fermented /aged on apple cider yeast and two sour cultures.

Tiramisu Obliterator Dopplebock | IBU: 47 | ABV: 8.8% A dobblebock fashioned after the classic dessert brewed with cocoa powder and coffee for a sweet and delicious treat.

King Konga IPA India Pale Ale | IBU: 55 | ABV: 6.6% A medium-bodied American-style IPA, dry hopped with Centennial and Cascade hops and brewed with Ethopian Konga coffee for an added fruity complexity.

And in case you missed it, here are our winners from the competition.


Overall Favorite Group of Beers:

1st Place – Sons of Liberty
2nd Place – AABG

Overall Best Beer:

1st Place – Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Stout by Sons of Liberty
2nd Place – Hawaiian Red Hibiscus Gose by Sons of Liberty

Best Beer Challenge (Sour Beer):

1st Place – Sour Cherry Stout by Sons of Liberty
2nd Place – There was a tie between Citra Ass Down IPA by AABG and Saison Du Rat by Motor City Mashers

Best Decorated Group Table:

1st Place – Detroit Draft Divas
2nd Place – AABG

Most Unique Beer:

1st place – Hawaiian Red Hibiscus by Sons of Liberty
2nd Place – Tiramisu Obliterator by The Ugly Mug

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