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I’ll tell the building you said hi

Hey Corner People! The building has been whining up a storm about having to write another blog, so I’m giving him a couple months off to get his thoughts in order. It’s hard work being a brewery.

You probably don’t know me: I’m the events manager/coordinator/office gnome of the microbrewery.

If you’ve seen me at our beloved stomping grounds, it has probably been on one of three occasions: as I run out the door at 6 pm, if you emailed me and requested a meeting to discuss hosting an event here, or during a public event like The Gatsby NYE, DIYpsi Summer Fair, or Velvet Hammer Anniversary Party. (Hi, my name is Nicole and I have anthropophobia)

It’s not that I don’t like people. I love people. Abnormally so, really. It’s that I’m a socially awkward introvert with an early bedtime because I have a two-year-old who has an internal alarm clock set for “the exact moment mommy’s body has entered REM cycle.” It’s brutal, but at least he’s cute.


I’ve been wracking my brain for the best topic to discuss for the first 2016 blog post as I write in the building’s absence. And I thought I would take this opportunity to share my personal excitement for some things we have coming up at Arbor Brew Ypsi.

Commence eye roll sequence, right? “Okay marketing genius, conveniently attempt creativity and pitch to me how great your bar is.”

I will, Monsieur Skeptic. Thank you. For the winter months, while the building is being a grumpy gump, I’ll be writing weekly to fill you in on the happenings at the brewery. Because we actually have that much going on – and it begins… NOW.

February is a terrible month. It’s droll and gray and the only holiday in it is Valentine’s Day.


Thank you, Hermione. I also loathe the celebration of Valentine’s Day – unless it’s here because it involves poor eating choices, but I’ll get to that in a later post.

Which is why we try to make February fantastic. One could call it Fantastic February if one so chose. And Fantastic February is pretty fabulous. I will refrain from inserting a “fabulous” gif, but please take a moment with me to visualize a 30-something with too much eye makeup emphatically throwing a scarf over her shoulder. That fabulous.

Fab Fantastic February begins with the release of one of the most anticipated seasonal ABC beers. It’s the Espresso Love Breakfast Stout!!

I am totally amidst the crowd of groupies flailing my “E-Love” posterboard sign above my head and begging for a taste. JUST A TASTE.

I’ve been waiting oh-so-not-patiently for the last six(ish) weeks as we finalized the date and the brewers began filling the brewery that surrounds my office with the delicious scents of rich Brazilian Ugly Mug Roasted coffee. Jerks.


But the release day is almost upon us, penciled in to the February 2nd box on the calendar. *squeals with joy* In addition, the re-branding of our “release parties” to “feature hours” has made the beer more accessible and relaxing for guests throughout the bar – something that brings my tiny event planner heart much happiness. Happy Feature Hour Tuesday to us all!

Just 48 hours later, the cats from Paint & Pour will be laying down their tarps for the 2nd Paint & Pour drop-in style evening of 2016. I love these people and I love that they host this event here. And this is why:


P&P started here last fall as a part of our involvement in First Friday’s Ypsilanti, giving us the opportunity to participate in a really cool monthly, community-wide event. With FFY now in the off-season, Paint & Pour has kept the party going by moving to the first Thursday of the month and bringing in all kinds of newbies to Corner.  We love Ypsi and we love sharing the love, so who could ask for more?

But the week doesn’t end there. After all, we are a brewery. And as such we welcome Friday like I welcome a brownie sundae with toasted coconut ice cream to my mouth. With pure, un-exaggerated excitement.


And the first Friday of our Fab February Fantastico is especially wonderful because it is Funk Friday. The one night of the month that we turn the brewery into a ’70s disco with Halcyon Sound at the helm, spinning the lounge into a groovy dance party until midnight. Even better than the tunes is the specialty funky sour that’s put on tap.

I hate to admit it but I had never tried a sour beer before joining the team at Corner. I was introduced to Black Kriek within the first hours of my training (literally) and I have yet to find something more wonderful. Dan really knows how to age a beer

.dan back cover

The event coordinator in me brims with excitement. The introvert in me is looking forward to the moment I am logged into Netflix. The good news for everyone at Corner is that my professional side went behind the back of introvert-me and canceled the Netflix subscription. It was a pretty extreme betrayal, but it’s for the best


I can’t promise to be here for it all, but if you see me, say hi! And keep an eye out for the next installment of our interim blog while the building is on hiatus.