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I’ll tell the building you said hi

Hey Corner People! The building has been whining up a storm about having to write another blog, so I’m giving him a couple months off to get his thoughts in order. It’s hard work being a brewery. You probably don’t know me: I’m the events manager/coordinator/office gnome of the microbrewery. If you’ve seen me at […]

Arbor Brewing’s Beer Tasting Series revitalized!

Hello beer lovers! Arbor Brewing Company Brewpub is not only bringing a new look to our Brewpub in January, but also a new approach to our monthly beer tasting series for 2016. Our beer tastings started out as an exploration of–and education in–different beer styles. In 2016, we will instead explore the expansive world of […]

Holidays at the Brewery

Don’t be fooled by my quiet exterior. At first glance, I may have the cool, red brick and exposed, industrial draw of a silent winter’s eve, but within my walls dances a playful mischief un-matched by the Grinch himself. Not that I can speak for my fellow historic landmarks, as I have not met them […]

Home is with those you love

Like a lake’s tide after a cool autumn rain, I can guarantee my mornings, more often than not, to begin with the “whoosh” of a brewer’s boiler. It’s not the most unpleasant of ways to start the day, but it sure is a bit louder and earlier than I’d prefer.   But that is the […]

An Introduction

There is something to be said for the strength of a building that has stood the test of time. Something powerful in the quiet creaks of the walls: something pure and tranquil to the touch of a brick laid by hand during a time that such things were done, by a man who has surely […]

Oktoberfest time!!

Fall in Michigan is where it’s at, seriously. It is the best. The best. Football (tailgating), watching the color changes in the leaves (while riding your bike on the brewery to brewery trail), finding the BEST fresh apple cider donut in southeastern Michigan (to dip in your violin monster autumn ale). These are truly a […]

ABC’s 20th Anniversary Street Party

 Save the Date for our 20th Anniversary Street Party July 31st – Celebrating 20 Years but the Best is Yet to Come! Flash back to 1995: gas was $1.09, ER was the #1 show, the Frappuccino was released, revolutionized dating, and we were all living in Coolio’s Gangsters Paradise. But best of all, ABC […]

Corrections To The Metro Times Article

Obviously we, our staff, friends, and supporters were very sad to read the article in the Metro Times today that inaccurately portrayed our Indiegogo campaign and our involvement with staff incentives.  It is particularly painful for Rene and I because we have put all of ourselves into our businesses for 20 years and this article […]

Construction at the Microbrewery in Ypsilanti

Hello,  Friends and Supporters of ABCM, Due to the nature of this portion of the kitchen renovation, we will be closed until 4pm today and tomorrow, and possibly Friday. Sorry for the late notice as this was a last minute decision. We’ll post about Friday when we have a better idea. See you for happy […]

Luxury Beer Bus to Winter Beer Fest!

It’s never too early to start planning shenanigans for the Michigan Brewer’s Guild Winter Beer Festival. This year the guild has expanded the event to two days and we have 55 tickets on reserve! Yes, you heard us right! Due to demand, they are extending the festival! We are now selling packages that include a […]