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Arbor Brewing’s Beer Tasting Series revitalized!

Hello beer lovers!

hh tastingArbor Brewing Company Brewpub is not only bringing a new look to our Brewpub in January, but also a new approach to our monthly beer tasting series for 2016. Our beer tastings started out as an exploration of–and education in–different beer styles. In 2016, we will instead explore the expansive world of beer through the lens of different themes. We’ll gather brews worth sampling in the theme of the month to bring you a novel and varied experience for your palates. We’ll pair beer samples with an appetizer buffet, provide a program with tasting notes, and top off the night with a door prize drawing.

January: Closed for Renovations – The Arbor Brewing Co. Brewpub will be closed for renovations from January 10 through January 24 with our Grand Opening on January 31st.  We will resume our tasting series in February.

February 11: For the Love of Hops – The American craft beer market has an unfaltering affection for humulus lupulus and so do we. In February, come sample all the IPAs, pale ales, lagers, and other styles that feature your favorite little green cone.

March 10: In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb – March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, so this month’s beer tasting will be comprised of beers across the many styles that are considered either “high gravity” or “session” with nothing in between.

April 14: April Foolishness – For April’s tasting, we’re getting weird. Think Hefeweizen’s made with curry, porters made with pig heads, historical ales made with heather.  Whatever outlandish beers that we can get out hands on, we guarantee they will be unorthodox and out of the ordinary.

May 12: Old World Ales & Lagers -In May, we tip our hats to Belgium, Germany, the UK, and other European countries with age-old brewing traditions. These are the beers and the breweries to which we owe our gratitude for being predecessors to the American craft market.

WWL tastingJune 9: Summer Solstice – Summer’s back and it’s time to sip slow on some light, bright, refreshing beers. This tasting will feature summertime’s seasonal releases, wheat beers, fruit beers, and anything suitable to commence the start of the long -awaited days of summer.

July 14: Made In Michigan – July is Michigan Craft Beer Month and we will revel in the best of the best in our Great Beer State.  Make merry with our samplings of new beers and breweries from across the pleasant peninsulas.

August 11: Think Global, Drink Local – In August, we’re showing love to other breweries that go above and beyond being just a business. This tasting will showcase international beer styles from local and American breweries with a commitment to sustainability, philanthropy, and community.

September 8: Fall Favorites – September’s tasting will feature Oktoberfest lagers, harvest beers, fresh and wet hopped beers, volunteerspumpkin ales, brown ales, and any other offerings that we find oh so fitting for fall.

October 13: Spooky Scary – In October, we’ll sample a broad variety of beers with names inspired by monsters, demons, and mythical beasts. Our own Violin Monster Autumn Ale will make an appearance along with many other evil ales.

November 10: Wild Winter – Open and spontaneous fermentation, wild yeast, and sour beers – that’s what November’s tasting is all about. Funky, tart, and tangy flavors will dominate this month’s selections.

volunteers2December 8: Home for the Holidays – Dust off your ugly Christmas sweater and sample the special releases for the holiday season. Winter warmers, winter wheats, spiced beers, doppelbocks, strong Belgian beers, lagers, and even an IPA or two will be the stars of December’s tasting.

ABC’s monthly tastings run from 7-9 PM on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Tickets are available at the pub or by phone at 734-213-1393. $25 in advance, $30 day of.

For more information please email Elizabeth Cain-Toth, [email protected] or call 734.213.1393