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ABC Microbrewery Staff

  • Picture of Kari Whitman Peron

    Kari Whitman Peron Director of Operations

    Kari is the Director of Operations of the ABC Microbrewery.  She started here at the brewery in 2009 as the evening bar manager and quickly and happily accepted the position of DO in 2010 where she met the love of her life, Daniel Peron (Director of Brewery Operations) and never looked back!  “I have the ability to work every day with my husband, friends, family and BEER!”  If you asked Kari what she loves most about her job, she won’t hesitate to say her staff.  “They all seem to impress me some way, somehow, every single day!  Their dedication and passion for the brewery is astounding.”

    Kari received her nickname Gypsi from the brew staff and shortly had a beer named after her (Ypsi Gypsi Pale Ale).  After many attempts, Matt and Rene Greff were finally able to convince her to have an artist’s rendition of her as a Gypsy on the label of the bottle that you can now find in stores all over Michigan.  In addition to her work, traveling and antiquing, Kari enjoys gardening, sewing, refurbishing old furniture and most importantly, her tiny Jack Russell, Maggie.

  • Picture of Dan “dannyboy” Peron

    Dan “dannyboy” Peron Director of Brewery Operations

    What more is there to say?  dannyboy(db) absolutely loves his job.  Just ask his wife, aka the Ypsi Gypsi, as she has difficulty pulling him away from his work(ie BEER) on a nightly basis.  Coming from a “jack-of-all-trades”, food service, construction background, db left his cushy(boring) job at a local municipality to join the Greff’s on this wild ride that is the craft beer boom.

    When he’s not at work he enjoys putzing around the home front with renovations, pimping out the man cave, digging through crates of records, scouring the inter-webs for new tunes, and djing parties and events under the Halcyon Sound moniker, throughout the year.  You can catch him in the beer garden during the summer months at Halcyon Sundaze, with a host of like-minded individuals, setting the mood for a restful and nostalgic afternoon amongst friends and family.

  • Picture of Mary O’Connor

    Mary O’Connor Office Manager

    Mary joined the Corner family the end of May 2013 as our Office Manager. Her experience with Bookkeeping and Office Management spans more than two decades. “The welcome I’ve received here at Corner is amazing; I’m so excited to work for such an incredible group of people,”

    Prior to coming aboard, she fulfilled a life’s dream working in the Veterinary Industry for the past 12 years in the administration department. Animals are a huge part of her life, which currently include 1 dog and 3 cats, and usually a raccoon or two in her attic during the winter months.

    Mary has two amazing grown children who she is over the moon proud of, and enjoys telling stories about. “My son and my daughter are my life’s work, and I couldn’t ask for any better than what I have been blessed with.”  Mary and her husband, David, enjoy spending time with their one year old grandson, Liam. Her hobbies include crafting of any kind, sewing, and reading.

    “I’m very proud to work for Corner Brewery, even though I don’t drink beer, they still let me stay.”

  • Picture of Kevin Bradner

    Kevin Bradner Bar Manager

    Having now worked within the greater Arbor family for over a decade at ABC (yet still never attaining longest employee status), helping to open ABC’s Tap Room then ABC Microbrewery, there’s nary a job nor position Kevin hasn’t worked at some point. From host to dishwasher, server to line cook, from cleaning the toilets to cleaning the mash tun (not on the same shift mind you!) – You name it, he’s probably done it. Most of his tenure, though, has been in some combination of bartender or bar and/or floor manager, with his current tour of duty being the ABC Microbrewery’s Bar Manager. This includes (along with the daily whack-a-mole like minutia that any job entails) overseeing the Mug Club, retail and other stock, and scheduled floor managing.  You’ll find Kevin most nights behind the bar at the brewery, where he’s always happy to entertain conversations about any of the beer and service knowledge he’s picked up over the years, from the evolution of our beer recipes to the history of our beer names.

    Born and raised in Royal Oak, Kevin has now spent the better part of two decades in the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area. Irish passport in hand, at the end of the last millennium Kevin bought a one way ticket to the Irish (er, British) Isles where he learned to pour a proper pint in Ireland, for if Yankee bartender gives a local anything less than perfect it would be (and was) sent back. After a yearlong working holiday he returned to Michigan, but today there’s not much more Kevin craves than traveling – if nothing else it reaffirms why this area, this place, this now is just about right!

    Kevin’s Vital Stats:

    Bowls about a 165

    .800 batting average in softball

    Propensity to wax nerd

    Kevin, who’s this Kevin person? Everyone around these parts calls him Monkey, don’t ask…or do so at your own peril…

    Over use of ellipses for there’s always more left unsaid…

  • Picture of Johnny Gates

    Johnny Gates Kitchen Shift Manager

    Johnny is one of the newest members to the Microbrewery family and serves as a member of our kitchen management team!  His love of great food and beer comes from the melting pot that is the Washington D.C. Metro area.  There he spent years working in kitchens, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.  2013 marks Johnny’s 13th year in the hospitality industry and he’s just getting started!

    Since moving to Michigan Johnny has wasted no time embracing local farming, food, and beer culture.  Being one generation removed from family farming, Johnny has made it his mission to integrate local food as a staple of the Brewery’s menu.  He has a passion for fresh organic produce, healthy living, and community organizing.  When not at the Brewery Johnny is likely to be seen tending his family’s garden, getting his hands dirty at local farms, or supporting his fiancé who is a local farmers’ market vendor.

    His pint glass is likely filled with wheat beer, home brewed herbal tea, or Tennessee whiskey

  • Picture of Aren Rabe

    Aren Rabe Director of Sales

    Aren Rabe is joining Arbor Brewing Company as the Director of Sales. Aren’s origin story began 10 years ago when he started working as a bartender at Old Chicago in Okemos. This is where his passion for all things beer and brewing was founded. From there the bug bit him hard and he simultaneously secured a position at Michigan Brewing Company, where he used his knowledge of homebrewing and craft beer to manage the in-house homebrew supply shop. Most recently he has honed his skills as the manager of the Lansing Craft Team at Alliance Beverage Distributing, helping create and foster a culture of quality beer in the Lansing area. In December 2012, Aren achieved a long-time goal when he became a Certified Cicerone ®. Like most in the industry, Aren is rarely “off-duty”, but in his spare time he enjoys traveling with his wife, Jamie, cooking, gardening, and following the sports teams of his alma mater, Michigan State University. Also bourbon and gin… he loves bourbon and gin.

  • Picture of JaRon Patterson

    JaRon Patterson Bartender

    JaRon is the newest and youngest bartender to the microbrewery team.  Always smiling and bursting with energy he consistently brings in an uplifting attitude.  He’s great with customers and more than willing to answer any questions. He strives to make the brewery experience amazing, not just for our Mug Club and employee’s, but for anyone who steps through our doors. You can find him actively participating in company events and gatherings. “The brewery is like my second home”

    He strives to support sustainability and just a few things that he does to contribute includes rollerblading instead of driving and shopping local. JaRon claims working out, eating food and enjoying lots of beer are his hobbies of life-can you blame him?!

  • Picture of Clare

    Clare Pub Manager

    Clare has been the familiar face greeting people at the door, checking IDs, and stamping hands since 2011 when she joined the brewery team. To Clare, contributing to a relaxed, neighborhood atmosphere where anyone can instantly feel at home is one of the most rewarding aspects of her job. Other than the great craft beer, one of her favorite things has been getting to know more of the craft beer community, as well as seeing the family of the brewery’s regulars grow.  Starting June 14th, 2016, Clare graciously stepped up and accepted a pub manager position.

    Clare began her time in Ypsilanti as an Eastern Michigan University student smitten with learning of other cultures and languages, reveling in travels throughout Spain and Italy. After graduating, Ypsi and its ever-growing community of local pride stuck, making the brewery a natural fit. Though Clare had a full-time job in education for years, she couldn’t pass on the opportunity to work her nights at the brewery with such an eclectic and amazing staff. She keeps a busy schedule but finds a way to laugh through it all. In her down time Clare is known to sneak off to the Great Lakes to camp and hike all the craziness away.

  • Picture of Brian McShane

    Brian McShane Bartender/Shift Manager

    Brian has been with the brewery since 2010.  “No two days are the same, and no day really feels like work.”  A common theme for employees at the brewery, to him, work isn’t work when you’re surrounded by so many great and enthusiastic  people.  “Its’ just so fantastic that my job is to guide people around the ever changing line up of beers we offer to fit their palates.  It’s a whole experience when you turn someone off macro brews and you see them leave with their new favorite six pack.  It’s an edifying experience for both parties.”

    Mycologist by day, beer tender by night; Brian is a Co-Founder of Detroit Mushroom Co.  A mycology lab and gourmet mushroom farm that utilizes 100% recycled and reclaimed materials to power its’ operations. They repurpose the spent grain from the brewing process at the brewery and use it as a nutritional medium for growing mushrooms.  All of which will be available summer 2013 at local markets as well as in the brewery’s kitchen.  He is an avid mountain biker, VP of community relations for Delta Sigma Phi’s Alumni Board at EMU and a pint of Buzzsaw keeps him happy!