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ABC Brewpub Staff

It’s Time To Meet The ABC Brewpub Staff

  • Picture of Matt "Mr Delicious" Greff

    Matt "Mr Delicious" Greff Co-Founder

    We have Matt Greff to thank (or blame as the case may be) for ABC’s very existence.  It was an enterprise forged out of an early mid-life crisis that took Mr Delicious out of his wing-tips and into the brewers’ boots.  Fate’s cruel joke is that he opened ABC because he wanted to be a brewer and these days find him doing everything but making beer.  His primary responsibilities include financial planning and management, licensing and compliance, and long-term visioning.  But he does get to oversee both breweries; and we even let him brew from time to time!

    Since Matt’s passion for beer developed while traveling through Germany, it is no big surprise that drinking great beer and traveling are two of his favorite things.  And with the opening of ABC in India and the development of a collaboration with a Belgian brewery, he now enjoys combining the two on a regular basis.  Matt also enjoys big red wines and actually taught himself to love olives in hopes of someday retiring to the Italian Riviera.  Who knows, maybe when he has his next mid-life crisis he’ll open the first American Craft Brewery on the Mediterranean!

  • Picture of Rene "Velvet Hammer" Greff

    Rene "Velvet Hammer" Greff Co-Founder

    The two things Rene loves most about her job?  “It is never the same two days in a row and I get the opportunity to work with some of my all-time favorite people on the planet.”  Trying to tie her down to a job description is pretty difficult but some of the areas in which she spends the bulk of her time are training, design, community outreach and public speaking, and general organizational leadership.  And yes, her job requires both velvet and hammer in varying degrees depending on the situation at hand!

    Many of Rene’s personal passions are reflected in the ABC family of businesses and include an eclectic mix of craft beer, local sourcing, travel, community-building, enlightened management, working with strong women, environmental sustainability, progressive causes, and vegetarianism.  (Yeah, she’s kind of a quiche-eating tree-hugger). She also has an abiding love for exercise, animals, ultimate frisbee, dry red wines, smoky single malts, and a good martini (though not necessarily in that order).

  • Picture of Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Head Brewer

    Chris had his first taste of ABC when he first met his wife at the pub in 2008. It is no small coincidence that his journey led him back to to pub to helm the brewing operations. As half of the brewing duo, he and his assistant work tirelessly to give customers (and themselves) the best beer possible.

    Chris began brewing at home with friends, and what began as a hobby turned into an obsession, and ultimately a profession. Cutting his teeth at the ABC Microbrewery as assistant brewer, Chris jumped at the chance to become the head brewer at the brewpub.

    When he’s not at the pub, Chris is spending time with his wife, Keri and their dog, Bixby, backpacking, playing music, or stroking his beard in a moment deep reflection.

  • Picture of Don Carpenter

    Don Carpenter Bartender

    Living in such a vibrant community, Don finds bartending across the coppertop at ABC Brewpub enjoyable and rewarding. “From the moment I walk into the pub until the time I leave, there never seems to be a dull moment.”The day-to-day faces he sees make his shifts a party of sorts. Along with serving local patrons, Don is excited to show off a cask-conditioned IPA or pop open a barrel-aged Belgian sour for newcomers. Aside from bartending for the public, Don caters private parties for many different groups, from local charities to wedding receptions. On his days off, he enjoys brewing at home as well as cooking for friends. Don loves his full days outside; camping and BBQ’s come naturally. However, nothing makes him happier than the perfect beer on a patio in Ann Arbor. “My favorite styles of beer change with the weather, but nothing can beat a good IPA.”