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Our Story

The Story Of Arbor Brewing Company

Arbor BreweryWe have been a pioneer in the craft beer industry since opening our original Arbor Brewing Company Pub and Eatery in downtown Ann Arbor, MI in July of 1995.  Our commitment to handcrafted beer, exceptional hospitality, local sourcing, community involvement, and environmental stewardship has been the foundation for our growth and success for nearly two decades.

ABC was founded by husband and wife team Matt and Rene Greff who share a passion for beer and adventure.  By their late 20s the Greffs had become disenchanted with their corporate gigs and soon after brewpubs were legalized in Michigan, they set about opening their own brewery.  They raised their startup capital through a network of friends, family, and co-workers and became the first brewpub to open in Ann Arbor and the fifth to open in Michigan’s fledgling microbrewery movement.

Somehow we survived the trials and tribulations of our first few rocky years in business and by 2001 we had maxed out capacity on our 7 bbl system and were looking for ways to add new tanks.  Fortune was on our side when an adjacent building became available and we set about expanding our operations with the addition of a small banquet space, an additional 30 bbls of fermentation and serving tank capacity.

The Story of ABC Microbrewery

Corner BreweryBefore we knew it, the brewpub was humming along and Matt and Rene began to set their sights on opening a packaging brewery to produce and bottle our award-winning beers for state-wide distribution.  As long-time Ypsilanti residents, the Greffs wanted to help spearhead the economic renaissance in their hometown so they chose an abandoned warehouse tucked into a residential neighborhood a few blocks off of the beaten path.

The Microbrewery Brew Pub and Beergarden quickly became a regional destination and a favorite local hangout and by 2010 the brewery was bursting at the seams.  So we set out sights on an ambitious $1 million expansion and green brewery renovation project.  In addition to the green renovations, the project doubled the amount of car parking, tripled the amount of bike parking, added 2200 sq feet including new warehouse and office space, doubled the brewing capacity, and increased the bottling speed 5 fold.

The Story of ABC India

IndiaAlthough they had their hands full with two breweries, in 2009 the Greffs received an offer they simply couldn’t refuse – to open an Arbor Brewing Company in Bangalore India.  ABC India was the brainchild of Bangalore native and U of M grad Gaurav Sikka who had whiled away many a night at Arbor Brewing Company during his time on campus.

After an exploratory trip to India to meet with Gaurav and his partners, the Greffs signed on to a joint venture with a licensing, royalty, and consulting agreement.  After the brewpub law was finalized in Bangalore in 2011, the project began in earnest and the Greffs spent about 9 of the next 24 months in Bangalore helping their new partner open India’s first American Craft Brewery.

Since opening to the public in December 2012, ABC India has quickly become Bangalore’s premiere brewpub with its focus on Western-style service and hospitality, creative American pub food, and cutting- edge handcrafted beer.